Luke Metz

Ceramic Artist

I have been a ceramic artist for over 10 years and have participated in the Made In Clarkdale Artist Showcase for a number of years.  I also participate in a number of other shows including the SVAC Open Studio Tour.   I had a varied background doing mostly left-brained activities until I retired from the business world.  I have enjoyed incorporating my left-brain experience into my right-brain exploration and inspiration.  I am not a production potter and each one of my pieces is intentionally unique and reflects a personal exploration of techniques, textures, colors, shapes, and aesthetics.  Symmetry for me is fun up to a point but I love to alter forms and play with the unexpected.

Exploring ceramics is an exciting creative process for me!  Currently, my work is on display at the Village Gallery in the Village of Oak Creek (Sedona) which is open for business.  I have a substantial inventory of my work at home including a wide range of sizes and price points.  If you are interested to explore the idea of owning one of my pieces, please contact me.