Kaayla Fox

Kaayla Fox is a fine jeweler and artist whose interest in symbolism led her to incorporate both the ancient and contemporary into her art. Her body of work ranges from earthly textured sculptures of assembled gemstones, to more refined geometric designs in polished precious metals.

I have been a jeweler and silversmith since 1999, so when I got the nudging to take my collection of rocks and crystals and assemble them into a sculptures, little did I realize that they were going to show up as abstract characters or angels. It was natural to return to my first love, Mother Earth, as I have loved collecting rocks, minerals, and crystals ever since I was a child. Their natural shapes and colors are so intriguing to me and they feel good.

When I combine these gems I naturally enter a transitional or transformative state between conscious and unconscious (liminal space). It is a very pleasant and uplifting experience as the angel emerges with its special gift, a vibrational message.

I call my sculptures “Angels” because angel symbolism is known throughout most cultures. They can represent communication between you and your own awareness of the Divine, between heaven and earth, connecting information from higher realms and lower realms. I’ve observed people gazing at my Angel Sculptures, eyes twinkling, smiles beaming, joyful thoughts and memories flooding through them, as the angels brought to them a conscious connection with the spirit realm. The angels carry vibrational patterns that express concepts, thoughts, and ideas that uplift, encourage, and LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE!

My enthusiasm for sacred geometry led me to appreciate the complex designs found in crop circles. In 2000 I was so inspired by their patterns and energy, I undertook the project of replicating nearly 70 of them into jewelry and medallions over the next 20 years. They are an historical record of events of international interest. I am also the author of the book, Crop Circles in Motion Oracle: A Cosmic Guide to Personal Evolution.