Trisha Travis

T_Davis_1Trisha has been a resident of the Verde Valley since 1994, and of Clarkdale since 2007.  During most of this time, she worked at Yavapai College, assisting students in achieving their educational goals.T_Davis_4

Trisha first started sewing as a youngster, at 13 years of age.  One of her first jobs was at a fabric store.  Over the years, her sewing-related interests have included making garments, designing patterns, and creating home décor items.  She even spent a time doing production sewing in a factory which manufactured leather goods and plying her skills altering men’s suits for a large department store.  Her first quilt was made when her daughter was born, and subsequently every baby born into her family received one of these special quilts.  Now, her grandkids also look forward each year to custom designed Halloween costumes.

More recently, she has begun experimenting with nontraditional up-cycled materials in the form of silk neckties to create art quilts.  The unusual patterns and finishes of these fabrics make interesting designs through the selection and placement of color to create subtle designs.  She’s T_Davis_2hoping that now that she’s retired, she will be able to further explore this fun medium.  Trisha is always looking to add to her collection of neck tie silk, so don’t throw those old ties away!