Tommie Bain

T_Bain_1I am a native Arizonian. I was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1938; and was raised in both Camp Verde and Tucson. My Mother was a talented steel guitar musician, I was raised an only child, there is 17 years between my brother and myself; we lived in a homestead home with no power until my father wired the home for electricity in the late 1930’s to the early 1940’s.

In our Tucson home we had a well that needed priming before you could pump water. We had a great view of the Catalina Mountains from our front porch.

In Camp Verde I lived with my Grand Folks on their farm. The only heat we had in the home was the wood burning cook stove in the kitchen. My Father was fighting on the Pacific front in WW II at this time.

My art started when I was in grade school, I did lots of drawings, up until high school, then I took an art course by mail; which I must say was not that good. After high school I went into the Service for the next 10 years. After the Navy I went to work for the State of Arizona, at which time I started taking lessons in watercolor; however with all the traveling I had to do, I did not have time to keep up with my watercolors.

After retiring from the State of Arizona, I took up watercolor again at Yavapai College; I have been doing watercolor since 1994, taking classes and workshops. I enjoy doing portraits and painting from live models more than landscapes, or still lives. I have received a number of rewards for my portraits; I also have a number of works in private collections.

I currently live in Clarkdale, Arizona.