Growth in 2000

Grows to Over 50 Artists
Color came to our all-important brochures in 1999. By then, the number of artists swelled to more than fifty. With so many artists, things had to get more organized. Committees were formed and sitting the show became mandatory. Student workshops were very popular and so everyone had their “arms twisted” to teach them. Ellie showed herself to be a trouper and when three classes showed up at once, she had no problem teaching drawing to them all.

Though painting and photography generally dominate the show, the show has also displayed stained, fused, and blown glass, fabric arts, metal, stone, and ceramic sculpture, turned and carved wood, mixed media collage, drawings, and many types of jewelry. Most artists usually stay for just a year or two, but as the years have progressed, many more artists have chosen to stay with the show ten years or longer:

Carolyn and Harmon Avera
Tommie Bain
Karen Boehm
Chris and Sandy Boothe
Sallie Cross
Laura Dodds Dorris
Berta Ferguson Riniker
Pam Fullerton
Liz Gilliz
Tricia Hutchinson
Sonny Jackson
Andrea McShane
Ann Mealy
Emily Miller
Janice Paul
Rennie Radoccia
Locy Rogers
George Skoblin
Marshall Vitale
Jahn Baker
Ellie Bauer
David Boles
Donna and Ken Chesler
Doug Downer
Tomar Evans
Marsha Foutz
Ralph Grummet
Gini Goldie
Judy Jaaskelian
David Lash
Eleanor Mead
Patti Mikles
Jeff Neugebauer
Willis Peterson
Ellen Roberts
Tom Schumacher
Michael Turner
David Woof


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