Early Years

Made In Clarkdale Born in 1986

For nearly thirty years, artists from Clarkdale have joined together to share their artistic experiences at a community art show called Made In Clarkdale. It began as an avenue by the Clarkdale Chamber of Commerce in December 1986 to fund a community newsletter. At the first show seventeen local artists were invited to participate by the show’s creator, Ellie Bauer. Without her vision and drive, the first show, would not have survived its three-day run. The artists did not really know each other and certainly did not understand what responsibilities and dedication were needed. But despite everyone’s inexperience, the show was a success from the beginning. We were truly amazed to discover that our little community saddled between two of Arizona’s most popular “art towns,” had so much to offer.

By the second year, the advertising brochure grew from a postcard to a seven-page brochure featuring the work of twenty-one artists. It also contained a four-month calendar advertising such local events as the Elk’s Charity Ball and the Clarkdale Women’s Club Annual Fashion Show.

By 1991, the annual brochure featured thirty-two artists and the Made in Clarkdale show was scheduled for ten days. Gala festivities opened the show and the week continued with the addition of workshops offered by the artists for both adults and elementary school students.

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