“Artist of the Moment” Program

A new project has been created for Made In Clarkdale Member Artists actively participating year around by publicly exhibiting their art work while promoting and supporting our arts organization. It is “Artists of the Moment” – public art exhibits. These exhibits may be located anywhere within the Verde Valley that has publicly accessible space available controlled by an organization willing to support art and artists.


Answering a local request from business owners Carlos and Sylvia at the Clarkdale Market, who were interested in keeping Clarkdale artists exhibiting in Clarkdale once the Corner Gallery closed, is a great example of the partnership between MIC and an interested organization. Stop by to see the exhibit by MIC artists Michael Bolen, Mary Liggit, Emily Miller, Michael Turner and Joe Klinger.   See their art on the You Tube-Clarkdale Market Grand Opening video and on Facebook!


On September 1, another Artist of the Moment exhibit was opened at the Arizona Copper Arts Museum when Drake Meinke also wanted to support our artists.  Exhibiting artists working in copper are Ellie Bauer, mixed media; Mary Liggit, Mixed Media, Cass Sorsch, Jewelry and Michael Bolen, Ceramics.  Their work can be viewed at the Arizona Copper Museum in Clarkdale, Az.

THE OLD TOWN CENTER FOR THE ARTS (5th Street and Main, Cottonwood, Az)

The new program at the Old Town Center for the Arts will host  the second Made In Clarkdale “Artists of the Moment” as part of the special Valentine’s Eve Concert event, Made In Clarkdale (MIC) is very pleased to announce the opening of the second “Artist of the Moment” series, on the walls of Old Town Center for the Arts.  Featured artists include, Sallie Cross, Judy Jaaskelainen, and Michael Turner. the exhibit will remain until the end of May.


Made In Clarkdale executes these exhibits and collects a small participation fee to produce these exhibits.  Please make time to view these exhibits and let your Board of Director’s know if these Artists of the Moment ‘pilot programs’ are something you wish to see continued and can support with your participation. Ongoing, year around producing artists are needed for this to happen!