Stephen Easterling

Landscape Painter   S_Easterling_1

Steve Easterling, originally from Wilton, CT, graduated from the University of Bridgeport with a bachelor’s in illustration, winning best in show for both painting and sculpture in the student exhibit his senior year.

After graduation, he interviewed with a major ad firm in NYC where he was offered a job as a copywriter. Tired of the gray and cold, he opted to turn down the job left for the heat and color of Arizona.

Strangely enough, Easterling did not pursue an art career. Instead, he formed a country-western band which toured the southwest. During this time Steve had a son, And though touring was great fun, he couldn’t stand to be away from his little boy. So he went into the production side of the music business, writing and recording music for placement in film and TV.

The television shows in which Easterling has placed music include: Breaking Bad, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Prison Break, Ugly Betty, Southland, Friday Night Lights, and many others.

But, man cannot live by music alone. So, Steve rekindled his interest in art and delved back into the paint. The dramatic color and expanse of the Arizona high desert were  perfect for landscape exploration. Focusing on color and the unique break-up of the two-dimensional plane, Easterling began to show his work in galleries in Scottsdale and Jerome.

Since reentering the art world Steve has sold more than 200 landscapes to collectors from across the U.S. Steve mainly shows his work in the Raku Gallery in Jerome where can be found his latest works.