Sallie Park Cross

S_Cross_1Sallie is a mixed media artist, primarily in watercolor. Her whimsical and colorful creation include large paintings, masks, embellished creations include large paintings, masks, embellished crosses, greeting cards and 3-D projects.

Influenced and inspired though international travel, Sallie’s art often reflects that of the Asian world. “Listening to music while I create has a tremendous impact and influence on the process and out outcome of my paintings.” This is reflected in Sallie’s eclectic style of art.

Sallie is a successful art teacher; working with children and youth, bring art into the classroom. Sallie is on the roster for the Artist In The Classroom with the Sedona Unified School District and Art Connections with the Cottonwood-Oak Creek School Districts. She has been involved in multiple mural projects within the community as well.

Sallie participates in several art shows a year throughout the state. Patrons from all over the country enjoy her art.

To see more about Sallie to her website at