Ray Navarro


I have always enjoyed creating things, especially with wood.

As a small boy I was making scooters, go carts, and sling shots.  I even got in trouble for making a stool out of a drum I had Ray_Navarro_3received for Christmas one year.

I have always worked with wood making furniture,carpentry work, as a prop maker on TV and movie sets and remodeling homes.

I became interested in making knives during my archery days  especially the wooden handles.

And now in my retirement years I have started making wooden salt and pepper shakers as a hobby. I like the beauty of the grains and colors of the different woods and creating the Inlay patterns for my work.

Working with wood has always given me much enjoyment in my 82 years of life and looking forward to more years.

Ray Navarro

Phone #: 626-575-5294