MIC 2016 December Show Artist Requirements


Sign-Up and Paperwork Deadline:  November 1, 2016

Download your Booth Sign-up Form –    Click Here to Download Form

Dates and Activities Artist Must Participate In


  • November 29, 2016, Tuesday – 5-7pm – MIC panels will be set up. Everyone displaying in the show must be present to help.
  • November 30, 2016, Wednesday, 8am-7pm. Artists can work to set up their gallery space. Artists must have their booths completed by Thursday noon (12pm).
  • December 1-4, 2016 – Show opens 1pm Thursday, Dec. 1st and runs through Dec. 4th. Hours 10am-7pm.  Gala, Friday night, Dec. 2nd, from 6pm-9pm. Show closes 4pm Sunday.
  • Tear-Down: Sunday, Dec. 4, at 4pm (no sooner).  All participating artists must help with MIC panels and well as their own booth.


MIC will provide back and side panels to create a layout and private showing area for each artist. Lighting will be provided on the panels. One table will be included and one black tablecloth. Each artist can bring in additional display items. Please note that the auditorium floor must be protected.

Each artist is required to have at least one (1) new art piece in their booth. They then have the opportunity to showcase their art in the best way possible.

  1. Size: Approximately 10’x10’
  2. Cost: $40/Booth. Booths can be shared.  For one (1) artist the booth is $40, for two (2) artists $50, and for three (3) artists $60.  Maximum number in each booth is three (3) artists.
  3. Pedestal Rental: $5.00/pedestal (maximum of 3),  Artists must notify MIC at least 3 weeks ahead of event in order that the pedestals can be prepared/painted for the show.
  4. Inventory: Artists are responsible for their inventory and displays. Every effort will be made by the artist to display their art in a professional and gallery ready presentation.
  5. Staffing Booth: Artists are responsible for staffing their own booth for the duration of the show. Although artists must participate in the staffing of their booth and be present for the Gala event, they can bring in additional staffing help.
  6. Sales: MIC will process all sales and take a 30% commission. Each booth will be given a sales book that artists will fill out and MIC staff will process for payment.


In addition to the above requirements, all MIC artists are asked to participate in at least one of the following committees.

PR/Marketing:  Responsible for creating ads, flyers, banners, radio spots, postcards, online calendars, and anything needed to promote the Artists’ Showcase. Responsible for the distribution of flyers and postcards. This includes managing the MIC Facebook site.

Design:  Responsible for the floor design of the booth spaces including panel placement and lighting. For the Gala night this would include spaces for food, drink and music.  Will assist artists in designing their booths upon request.

Show Operations:  Responsible for the show during the whole time it is open. This includes the Gala, the opening and closing of the building, staffing the sales tables during the event and insuring all needed supplies are provided and organized for the sales area (i.e. payment tablets, sales books, etc.) Making sure all the inside signage is ready and set up for the show. If Student Workshops are being held making sure all the necessary information has been conveyed to the teachers and art instructors, and everyone has been informed of the workshop scheduling.

Set-Up and Tear-Down:  Responsible for painting and moving equipment. Oversees the set-up of MIC panels and lighting, the Gala food and music area, and the Student Workshop area. Responsible for overseeing the takedown of the show including moving all the panels, pedestals and equipment to the storage container.