Luke Metz


 L_Metz_1Luke Metz is an award winning ceramic artist.  His passion for exploration and his appreciation of craftsmanship are evident in his work as well as his life.  Growing up and attending college in New York City, Luke was exposed to many diverse cultural influences and to some of the best art in the world.  This exposure was greatly enhanced through many travel adventures.  Outdoor recreational activities have fueled his love of nature.  The organic quality of much of his art reflects his love of nature.L_Metz_2

“What have I learned, what else can I learn, and what can I do with this learning?  These are motivators for me in my life and in my art.  I have no mistakes; only learning experiences.  I am not looking for my niche, but rather what other techniques and resources I can summon in realizing my ever-growing artistic vision.  For me creative expression is an essential part of my spiritual growth.”

“I endeavor to bring my best to each piece I create.  I view each piece as both an artistic expression and a reflection of my deep respect for craftsmanship.  Many of my pieces are the result of extended and passionate exploration – ‘what happens if I do this or combine that?’ is a query that underlies much of my work.  Often my favorite pieces are the culmination of such an exploration.  I see no end to the possibilities and this excites me!”