Levi Fitch

L_Fitch_2Levi Fitch, a Verde Valley native, has been sculpting for 13 years, and drawing for 30. His detailed works range the spectrum from mythology and fantasy to concepts of consciousness and spirituality. “The work I do is mostly figurative with multi-dimension, story-telling imagery. The works revolve around the human spirit, imagining or becoming what the next state of consciousness has in store.”L_Fitch_3

Dreamtime, enlightenment, and passing on are a few examples of higher or altered states that Levi likes to explore in his art.

“Some of the biggest mysteries in life are these realms of consciousness that are beyond the everyday normality. In order to truly appreciate life and the reality we occupy, it is sometimes necessary to step outside the bounds of what we know, and get a different perspective on the world around us, as well as ourselves. What we experience is usually life changing, in some form or another. This is what inspires me to create deeper and more spiritually profound art, which in turn, helps inspire the world to the greater positivity we are capable of.”L_Fitch_1