Kaayla Fox



My life journey has been like a tapestry that gives the picture only after many colors and threads are woven together.  Since my teens, my goal has been to truly know myself by seeking the inner meanings of my experiences and to help others have a deeper understanding of their voyage through life.  This drive led me into the mystic arts where I pursued a variety of practices as vehicles for spiritual and personal growth, and artistic forms as avenues of expression.

I am an artisan by nature, although my directed passion did not take hold until I began making jewelry after a physical injury in 1998.  I had to stop, be quiet, and get clear about what was in my heart that I wanted to focus on.  My love for crystals and gemstones inspired me to begin by making wire-wrap jewelry, but I wanted to take it further by getting some technical training in silversmithing.  After completing courses at the Revere Jewelry Academy in San Francisco, California, I undertook a commitment of mentorship with Bob Winston, a famous elderly jewelry arts designer and educator.  His interest in me stimulated my imagination and kept me on track.  This was truly an exciting time in my life because I felt like a kid again, learning brand new skills.  Soon, I realized that my experience with sewing since childhood, clothing design and wardrobe consulting in the fashion industry, and engineering drafting, all had contributed to my ability to make jewelry.  No life experience had been wasted.  In 2014, I revisited this experimental phase in my artist expressions.  More gemstones, beads, and color came into play as I expanded into sculptures and new original designs.

Since 1996, my involvement with the crop circle phenomenon has been the main arena for artistic expression and personal development.  For 16 years, I made sterling silver crop circle jewelry with nearly 70 designs.  Drawn into the mystery of crop circles by my attraction to the beautiful geometric designs, I discovered that the crop circle images had particular vibrational qualities that could assist us with our personal lives.  I found the freedom to experiment, to question, and to explore the unknown realities by trusting my intuition and the validation from others inspired me to discipline. By following up with research, I was able to understand more about my own experiences.

K_Fox_3The application of the wisdom behind the crop circles took a new form in 2015 when I published a book and cards; Crop Circles in Motion Oracle, A Cosmic Guide to Personal Evolution, which I have been working on since 2007.  I am a Crop Circle Energy Researcher, certified as a Life Coach in The Life Odyssey Developmental Steps, and Co-Founder of Living in Mandorla™.

www.CropCirclesJewelry.net and www.CropCirclesInMotion.com