Joseph Klinger

Joseph Klinger, born to immigrants, Fritz (Fred )  Klinger from Germany and Lucia Citrano from Naples Italy. They met in a dinner in 1936, she a waitress he a J_Klinger_1short order cook, together they reared 13 siblings, Joseph the second born made it to collage and fell into art at an early age. He came across a dump in an empty lot that had a few cans of paint and gathered a few, took them home and went to work. Joseph got into a bit of trouble after painting every thing everywhere. His mom had to scrub the back porch and stoop before the landlord “ole Henry’ got sight of it.

At age 13 his mother was selling his “Swans in ponds” at the corner grocery store where we had credit. Through the years he gathered a lot of experiences, a combat medic in Vietnam, some hospital work and pulmonary medicine. He eventually made the switch to restaurant work and became a successful executive chef.

Joseph recently lived in Bisbee Az. an artistic hillside hamlet, where he had a studio, the “Renegade Studio” on the gulch. Joseph created a mural in Bisbee, in the gulch area, for a fellow artist who died tragically on her wedding night.

He is considered a multimedia, recycling, informing and delighting artist who loves working color texture light and sound. He spent some time in Mexico, San Phillip , and the Sea of Cortez fishing villages. Joseph experienced what is called satori, a Buddhist term for awakening, during his seaside travels. His art is now of a deep spiritual nature including all myths and lures. His hero’s are Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung and Rumi. A book he is most influenced by is “Cosmic Consciousness” by Richard Maurice Bucke.

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