FAQ – MIC December Artist Showcase

November 1, 2016


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q:  How are sales handled?

A:  Artists are responsible for attaching a sales label to each item in their gallery with the price of the item and their three initials. (MIC needs this to identify which artist to pay for each item sale.) We have a template with the MIC logo on it. When an item is sold, either the customer and/or the artist will take the item to the sales desk. MIC sales person will collect for the item (credit card or cash), record the sale, and identify it by the artist’s initials. The customer will then have two receipts; one is given to the artist to show payment and the customer keeps the other. The artist is then responsible for wrapping, bagging or otherwise making the item ready for the customer to take with them.

Q:  What will the artist “gallery booth” look like? 

A:  See the attached diagrams which provide diagrams and approx. specs. We will provide the name(s) of the artist(s) in each booth.

Q:  Will the gallery space be lit?

A:  There will be two wall lights (LED) on each of the two walls of the gallery booth space. See attached diagrams. Please note that lighting might be able to be repositioned but not moved.

Q:  Will there be electric power in my gallery space?

A:  There will be one electric outlet to provide additional power per booth.  This outlet can be used by the artist to light showcases, table lamps, computer shows, etc. It cannot be used to add additional lights to the walls of the booth.

Q:  How are gallery spaces assigned?

A:  MIC will do everything to be fair in these assignments and galleries will be assigned on a random basis. Prior to “Gallery Setup Day” Wed, Nov 30, MIC will randomly draw artist names and assign them to a gallery booth space.  Galleries will each be numbered, and as an artist’s name is drawn he/she/they will be assigned to that number. When the artists arrive on Wed, they will be notified of their space.

Q:  Is it possible to “team” with an artist in another gallery, so that we can have spaces next to each other?

A:  We will make every accommodation to do this.  Please notify MIC at info@madeinclarkdale.org if you would like this accommodation.  We cannot promise to make this happen, but we will try as best we can.

Q:  Can we bring in our own walls even though it would cover MIC’s? Fabric?

A:  Adding walls on the outside edges could be problematic, so please notify MIC if you are planning to do so. Otherwise, adding display structure is ok as long as the floors are protected. Covering MIC walls with fabric is fine.

Q:  Any hanging requirements? Damage assessment?

A:  Items must be secured when hung so they do not fall off the walls. MIC will provide the hooks for the pegboard. The artist can use them or not. There are no damage fees unless the artist breaks something deliberately.

Q:  Sold Items:  Take off walls? Leave up for Gala? Replace?

A:  When an item is sold, the public can take it with them. This means that each artist must provide his/hers own bags and packaging material. And the booth must be maintained in good order throughout the show.

Q:  Is there entertainment planned for the event?

A:  We have an entertainment schedule:

  • Thurs evening 4PM – 6PM Clarkdale Greg and Friends (original folk songs)
  • Fri evening 6PM – 9PM Janice Paul Trio (jazz)
  • Saturday evening 4 PM – 6PM The Jerome Ukulele Orchestra

Please invite your clients and friends.  All entertainment is FREE.

Q:  Will the artists be preparing and serving food for the Gala this year?

A:  No, food and drink will be prepared and served by members of the Clarkdale Business Alliance and invited businesses. We will need to be selling “tickets” to guests so that they can purchase food and drink (wine and beer.)

Q:  Is there a fee or charge for the public?

A:  The event is free to all.  We ask for donations to keep the event alive and well, but there is no fee at the door.  If an attendee wishes to purchase food or beer/wine while attending the event, there will be a small charge.

Q: Have other questions?

A: Email them to info@madeinclarkdale.org.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.