Eight by Eight Artists Challenge FUNDRAISER


This new event has been created within the recently formed Made in Clarkdale fund-raising committee to support the new MIC Mingus Student Art Show.

Help us out – Help the Student Artists out! We can make this a very successful yearly event for Clarkdale and the Verde Valley, while helping out art students with college expenses.

Create a piece of art that measures 8 inches x 8 inches (2-D) or a total of 64 square inches, measuring from longest point to longest point (3D), to be donated, exhibited and sold for $64  (8X8=64!) during the Mingus Mountain Regional Juried Student Art Show public exposition May 5-8, 2016.

Label the art with your name, title, and art medium. Include a 4×6 card with your name, title, art medium and a short biography on the front of the card only.

Deliver your Eight by Eight art along with your entries to the December show or no later than March 12, 2016.

All Eight by Eight entries become the property of Made In Clarkdale, Inc and may be sold for $64 or offered at a silent auction beginning at $64 in other fund-raising activities sponsored by Made In Clarkdale.

Be original!  Be creative! Design a collage, a painting, a weaving, a scarf that can be wrapped or tied in an 8×8 circular presentation, throw a pot, frame a photograph, create a hand-made paper mixed media book, put jewelry in an 8×8 gift box or just make ‘art in a box’!

Have questions – email us at info@madeinclarkdale.org.