Carole B. Mackler

Art has been in Carole’s life since childhood. She began using art as a way to communicate with the Cerebral Palsy children she encouraged to exercise. This Carole_Mackler_1activity led her to a degree in Occupational Therapy, art and activities, from Boston University.

Delving more into the arts, she became a representative for one of the largest color laboratories in the country.  Spending the next 20 years assisting the Hearst Corporation, Esquire, Estee Lauder, Town and Country and Madison Square Garden in creating their photographic layout and covers, as well as their total international marketing needs became part of Carole’s life.

Taking her art to the next level, she designed and general contracted her custom home on Fire Island, New York.  This was done by sitting on the floor of Barnes and Noble and reading all the texts available.  (A qualified Architect created the final plans).

Then it was off to the West…Sedona.  Joining the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Mounted Unit she was able to utilize her skills as a horsewoman. The County Supervisor then appointed her to the County Board of Adjustments .. all fun. She went into Mortgage …and Loans, and Real Estate.  Currently she is a REALTOR® active in the Verde Valley.

Carole_Mackler_2Carole first medium was clay….using it as therapy.  Now she has ventured back into clay and created functional as well as whimsical clay art.

Carole can be reached at or at 928-274-2325

P.O. Box 539, Sedona, AZ 86339