Bio Ideas

Here are elements for a good bio on our Web site.

What should I put in my bio? Your name and the type of art you do.

What is your portfolio made up of primarily? (Landscapes, abstracts, portraits, sculpture, etc. ?)

Do you do multiple kinds of work or just one type?

What is your process? Share a little about how you create. Tell about how you got started doing your art. People always want to hear what inspires us to do our art. Spend some time thinking about that and give some details about what moves you to create.

How long have you been doing your art? Give any background information on schooling you might have received or if you are self‐taught say so. Maybe you had some type of apprenticeship or have been inspired by some particular artist or artists. Tell about your highest achievements, such as juried awards or articles that have been written about you in any art journals or newspapers. Talk about any shows you might have been in that might be of interest. If you have been in one person or group feature shows, talk about that.

Bio’s can be written from the voice of the artist talking to his/her public or it can be written as if someone else wrote it about the artist. Try to have fun with it and ask a friend to proof read it for you.

Read a few of our Member Artist bios if you like – they may give you good ideas on what you want to say about your work and yourself.

IMPORTANT A Bio should be one page only. It can include up to two pictures of your work including a picture of you (or three pictures of your work.) If you wish to you can include your website address or email or another way to contact you. The bio must be in an MS Word or text file, the pictures in graphics files (either psd or gif.)