Emily M. Miller

I enjoy creating in a wide range of mediums: collage, photography, sculpture, paper arts, as well as graphics. My first love was sculpture with traditional clay. Many of my art pieces begin as two-dimensional but usually grow into a mixed media relief. I am most intrigued with mediums that are a bit unpredictable. Like the Fantasy Film, I quite often use. I love taking it from a 2-dimensional form into 3-dimensional wings and or other melted film art creations. I also use fabric, found objects, jewelry, photos, wood, paint, glitter, wire, organic objects, and any other type of ephemera I find pleasing (including bugs!).

During the pandemic, I took to hiking with friends and taking a lot of photos, always a blast. I’ve added metallic tape as borders for my small prints.

I’ve also taken my bug-making production to epic heights. Even designed a special area in my home where all things bug are kept. Coffin making at a fingertips reach. I can’t help myself!

I’m very happy that Made In Clarkdale will go on this year, it is a celebration that warms my heart.

Enjoy ~emm