Emily M. Miller

I am a multi-media artist, graphic artist, photographer, web-designer, wife and mother of two full grown humans! I have an associate’s degree in Commercial Art and a bachelors in Art Education.

I am in love with learning new things, if not in a formal classroom, then in my own room, learning from necessity by turning a “mistake” into art, or by “making do” with what I have on hand. My experiences with several art mediums has taught me to think creatively in all endeavors and turned me into a bit of a jack-of-all-trades.

The past two years I’ve concentrated on a creating “bug coffins” as well as “emm’s art charms”, made from photos of my art and copper patina paintings.

This strange year I’ve been all over the board, no real focus on one particular medium. Par for the course for 2020! I’m very grateful Made In Clarkdale will go on this year, it is a celebration that warms my heart.

I enjoy creating in a wide range of mediums: collage, photography, sculpture, paper arts, as well as graphics. My first love was sculpture with traditional clay. In the last few years I’ve been playing a lot with wire and homemade paper clay. Many of my art pieces begin as two dimensional, but usually grow into a mixed media relief. I am most intrigued with mediums that are a bit unpredictable. Like the Fantasy Film I quite often use. I love taking it from a 2-dimensional form into into 3-dimensional wings and or other melted film art creations. I also use fabric, found objects, jewelry, photos, wood, paint, glitter, wire, organic objects and any other type of ephemera I find pleasing (including bugs!).

Enjoy ~emm