Lea Jane Parker

Spirit Eagle Studio

No beauty surpasses that of the natural world. I enjoy photographing the beauty of nature – especially landscapes, canyons, flowers, wildlife, and all of the intricate designs that occur in nature. I also like to work with natural objects to create interesting and unusual collages and sculptures using materials such as wood and rock. The purpose of this work is to retain the essence of nature’s design.

I was raised in a small farming town in Illinois where I learned about the intricacies of life on earth. Both my grandfather and father were amateur photographers, and they passed this interest to me with my first childhood brownie box camera, and later with my first single-lens reflex camera. Today, I use mostly digital cameras. They include a Nikon D7100, a Nikon CoolpixAW 110, a Sony Cybershot, and my iPhone.

It is my hope that others will be inspired by my work to experience the amazing complexity and beauty of our one and only planet earth, and be inspired to treat the land with love.

In addition to outdoor photography, I include the creative aspects of my former professions as a biology teacher, journalist and university professor by including my poetry and prose to sometimes accompany my projects. My work is completed at my home Spirit Eagle Studio.