Ramona Stites

My work has grown out of 34 years of professional painting. I have lived in the Verde Valley since 1974 and the vision for my art is greatly influenced by this area and other areas in the southwest. I have shown and sold in galleries since the late 1980s. I owned and operated my own gallery for eight years in the 2000’s where my paintings were featured along with other Arizona artists. Most of my work is contemporary landscape in oil or acrylic, however, my portfolio also includes non-representational pieces as well as southwestern figurative pieces based on rock art. My latest series of landscape painting is done in a vivid palette with acrylic paint. I like to keep my pieces relatively simple stressing composition and color. My work can be seen at  www.stitesbiz.com and www.facebook.com/ramonastitesart   and on instagram@ramona_stites_fine_art