Judy Jaaskelainen

Judy Jaaskelainen resides in northern Arizona and is an Award Winning, Juried Member of Northern Arizona Watercolor Society. She is also an Award Winning Member of Arizona Watercolor Association a member of Watercolor West and National Watercolor Society.

“I have been painting in watercolor for more than 30 years.  I love the transparent properties of watercolor paints and how I can let the medium ‘do its thing’ on wet paper, which sometimes feels like the painting is creating itself.

I believe I paint to express my excitement at being fully present.

My awe of beauty, reverence for life and my sense of humor move me to paint a variety of subject matter. My best paintings are the result of my “happening” upon a scene that makes me want to stop time….and savor the moment slowly.  Some examples of that are my paintings, Warm Winter Sun,  The Eye of the Beholder,  Jerome Duet,  Moongazer, and  Pink is her favorite color.

Some of my paintings are like children showing-off for their mother with bright, bold colors that shout, “Hey, look at me! See how my colors bounce off the paper!” Other of my works evoke a more tranquil mood.  There is often a story or poem connected to each painting I create.  Sometimes the story is evident….

I have several on-going series’ of paintings that you may find fun to look at online. They include:

  • The Hands and Feet Series
  • Musicians
  • Animals, Large and Small
  • Cocktail Time in Arizona (In Brazil, In Rio, etc.)
  • In Her Image: Celebrating the Wisdom and Courage of Women
  • Landscapes, Wet and Dry
  • Cactus
  • Still Life
  • Abstracts and Mixed Media
  • Political Passions
  • Jerome Scenes, Architecture and Characters
  • Old Town Cottonwood
  • Clarkdale Charm
  • Southwestern  and Native American Themes
  • Booze and Tattoos (this is a particularly fun series and includes portraits, still life, and abstract images)

I have been an exhibiting member of the Jerome Artist’s Cooperative Gallery for about 15 years. The gallery is located at the Historic Hotel Jerome, 502 Main Street, Jerome, AZ, 86331 (P.O. Box 233) Phone (928) 639-4276. My art can be seen there 7 days a week, 10 am.-6 p.m. and on the website at,

www.jeromeartistscoop.com    My email is:  judyjaaskefineart@gmail.com

High Quality Archival Prints of my paintings are available in a variety of sizes.
Custom orders are available.