Patty Delp

I started sewing when I was in the 8th grade when my mom gave me a Sears Kenmore sewing machine as a Christmas gift.  I spent many years sewing my own clothes, my children’s clothes, and doing crafty kinds of things with fabric.  In my thirties, I turned to quilting.  I found an amazing art and traditional quilter who taught classes in the area I lived at the time.  I took her class 6 times.  I fell in love with quilting.  A couple of summers ago I found another teacher mentor, Darcy Falk, who lives in the Flagstaff area.  I went and took her class and became inspired to start creating art quilts.  I now mostly create original art but I still love making more traditional quilts for friends and family especially when there is a wedding or a baby on the way.  Quilts are love.  The amazing thing is that I still do all of my piecing and creating with that same sewing machine my mother gifted me over 40 years ago.  I have purposefully not bought a fancy computerized machine to keep me honest and to be sure that the things that I am making are truly my creative original inspirations.  I love the idea of creating beautiful things on that sturdy old solid machine.  I do own a longarm machine that I use on many of my art pieces to do the final quilting touch and bring my art and quilts to the final culmination. I am also interested in professionally longarm quilting other’s work when the opportunities come around and I am open to creating original art on commission when people so desire.  Another big love of mine is my two daughters, Mekayla and Madison, and my granddaughter, Iyla Rose.