Florence Flynn -BFA, MAE

      Welcome to My World of Letting Ideas and Concepts Flow Through the Flo

Art has been a major part of my life since early childhood.  Inspiration came in the form of a father and a mother who taught me how to observe and appreciate that which surrounded us on a farm back in Nebraska.  And a grandma who would teach us young ones how to draw and blend those old paint by number images.

Way back in junior high I was part of a group that painted a section of a mural/fence that surrounded the John. F. Kennedy Center that was being built at the time.

A trade of a snare drum for a 35mm. camera- opened up a whole new avenue in the art realm as well.  High school consisted of art classes, arch painting for football and basketball games, mural paintings for the proms and seasonal painting of windows at the local mall.

I continued along my path getting BFA, Teacher Endorsement and then a Master of Art Education.  Many hats have been on this head all intermingling with the Arts: Being an owner/operator of an art supply store, a photography business, art instructor for summer art camps in my home town and at the local art museum, mural painting with my sister, art instructor for the elementary, college and high school over the years and art fairs while raising a family and working a farm with my late husband.

My work is basically connected to what is going on in my life at the moment:  I have gone through series of work consisting of : farm life, raising children, family, swimming pool lifeguard days, teaching days, vacation times, dreams, meditations, energy work and all the other everyday connections that cross our paths.  A lot of time the title, the story, the composition and the colors are given to me in a dream or meditative state if they have not been documented in the awakened moments.

Shows included:

SVAC-Sedona Valley Artist coalition  2017- current

Jerome Artist Coop 2017 to current

University of Nebr. Alumni Show  Eisentrager/Howard Gallery, Richards Hall Lincoln Nebr. 2016

Hereberber Theater/Center-Phoenix Az.  Oct. 7-Jan.2 2016-17

Made In Clarkdale Show Dec. 2015- current

One Woman Shows: Jerome Artist Coop  Jerome AZ. -2019 , Alwun House,  Phoenix Az.- 2014, Melting Heart  Phoenix Az.- 2013, Elements in Kearney Nebr. 2001, Minden Opera House in Minden Nebr. 2000, Kearney Nebr. Public Library 1991, and 1996

Group Exhibits: 

Glendale City Arts Council and Alwun House 2000-2014

Alwun House 2000-2014

Purchased award– Glendale City Arts Council 2012- work housed at the Glendale City Park and Recreation Center

Commission Mural work: Numerous Private homes since the 1980’s- in a variety of themes in accordance with the clients wishes.  Southwestern, water, beneath the ocean, children’s themes, etc.

Local Art Fairs- Since the early 1970’s


I am grateful that I can soak in all the beauty of this universe and that I am able to share my creations with others.  I hope you can enjoy my work on a playful as well as a healing or a sense of peacefulness or inquiry level.

 Come experience the color, the observation, the insight of that which 

“Flows through the Flo”