Mary E. Osmond Juelfs

I am a self-taught artist that went back to college to study the jewelry arts.  I felt that in expanding my training I was able to explore and discipline my jewelry designs.

I love to fold form and forge metals and I experiment with, stone and polymer to broaden my repertoire. I actively took up the art of polymer clay in 2013 because I wanted to be able to have the freedoms this medium gives by making my own beads. This way I have the opportunity to totally design each piece quite literally from scratch.

In 2016 I retired from crunching numbers for Arizona State University and moved to the Verdi Valley to continue my studies in art at Yavapai College. There I won the Spring 2017 Student Art Competition for my work with silver and stone on a piece entitled Cosmic Wanderer. I continue to learn and explore to push the boundaries of art as I know it.

I currently live with my husband and under the supervision of my dog, Zuzu Petals who would happily inform you that I spend far too much time on art and not enough on pampering her.