Janice Paul

Interest in the arts started early. Both of my grandmothers worked with their hands. One as a seamstress, the other as a pianist. I was attracted to learning both art forms. After college, I moved from Boston to Phoenix, Arizona, where I became involved with Hanson Studios. Willis, Dagne, and Joe Hanson offered a place to learn, talk about and make art. They encouraged the handmade and the appreciation of color and form. They inspired me to dedicate my time to the arts and also introduced me to some of the great jazz artists in the area. A move to the Verde Valley gave me a chance to further pursue the arts.  I apprenticed at the Environment Realists Trading Company workshop where I learned about metalsmithing and working with gemstones. This was the foundation for setting up shop in Clarkdale and getting on with the business of making jewelry. Then came Jazz. My study and interest in of music which began as a child in Boston continued throughout my travels. Arizona presented me with an opportunity to buckle down and focus my creative energy on the study of Jazz piano.  I met a great mentor, Ramon Dana, in Jerome, Arizona and have been exploring creative expression through Jazz.  I perform as a soloist, accompanist and in small ensembles. The jewelry and music have common challenges. Both art forms require focus, improvisation, and practice. I enjoy balancing the two.