Becky Solon



At the time of my retirement from the U.S. Army civilian workforce in February 2008, Rock and Gem magazine named me “Craftsman of the Month.”  My evolution from Armaments Engineer to Rock Jeweler was years in the making.  It was facilitated by my USG training in materials science, my jewelry and tool-making training, and my lifelong interest in geology, mineralogy, specimen collecting, and gemstone polishing.

My rock jewelry features traditional stone setting and natural tumble-polished gemstones, native copper, and the special attribute of interchangeability.  The latter feature allows the user to reconfigure jewelry components to create entirely new designs.  Detachable pendant and necklace strands reduce weight and enhance the versatility and re-usability of my art pieces.  My education includes the following:

— Peters Valley School of Craft, Layton, NJ, Tool-Making Course, 2018

— Yavapai College (YCC) Clarkdale Art Student, Jewelry-Making, 2016-2018

— Sedona Arts Center (SAC) “The Business of Art” Series, Seminar, 2012

— Professional Member, SAC, 2012-2019; 36th & 37th Annual Juried Shows

— YCC Best of Jewelry and President’s Office ExhibitsStudent Awards for Pendant and Earrings Ensemble entitled “Interchangeable“, Yavapai College Verde Art Gallery Show and Sale, 10/17/16 – 11/10/16;  Exhibited new designs at the 4/17/17-5/4/17 Student Show;  Won People’s Choice, Best of Show Awards, 10/16 – 11/8/18 Student Show

— B.A. Two Majors in the History of Ideas and Comparative Literature, Residential College of Literature, Science and Arts, University of Michigan, 1971

— M.B.A., Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 1981

— Masters of Engineering, Integrated Product Development, Stevens Institute of Technology, NYC, 2003; Graduate Certificate in Ordnance Engineering, SIT, 2/6/04

My YCC jewelry-making training has provided me opportunities to learn stone-setting techniques while using my own specimens and cabs to improve my skills and development.   I learned bezel making, soldering, riveting, embossing, stamping, patinizing and fold-forming; and I took an intensive 5-day class to acquire jewelry-making tools and techniques.

In 2017, I started a writing career and published my first feature article “Enhancing Nature’s Agate Sculptures” in the December issue of Rock & Gem Magazine.  I have continued writing articles on mineralogy, science, technology and history for R&GM and for MUFON Journal as a member of the Mutual UFO Network, an international research group.