Becky Solon




           Becky’s rock jewelry features natural-shaped gemstones, native copper and the special attribute of interchangeability.  The latter feature allows the wearer to reconfigure the individual components of each piece into an entirely new arrangement.  For example, detachable pendants and necklace strands can be removed, resulting in the creation of a complementary look for this fashion accessory. Becky’s education includes the following:

               — Sedona Arts Center “The Business of Art” Series Seminars 2012

— Professional Member, SAC, 2012-2016; 36th & 37th Annual Juried Shows

— “Best of Show“ President’s Office Exhibit and Student Award for Pendant and Earrings Set entitled “Interchangeable“, Yavapai College Verde Art Gallery, Student Exhibit & Sale, 10/17/16 – 11/10/16;  exhibited recent work in Student Show, 4/17/17-5/4/17

— B.A. History of Ideas and Comparative Literature, Residential College of Literature, Science and Arts, University of Michigan, 1971

— M.B.A., Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 1981

— Masters of Engineering, Integrated Product Development, Stevens Institute of Technology, NYC, 2003; Graduate Certificate in Ordnance Engineering, SIT, 2/6/14

With any of my jewelry designs, I am mostly concerned with the dynamic convertibility of the final finished piece of jewelry art as considered in its entire sculptural effect, and as the sum of its complementary accessories.  The interchangeable elements of a coordinated collection allow the wearer to remove elements to reduce weight, create a new fashion statement or simplify the design.

I have enjoyed the process of creating multi-faceted necklaces with removable elements and pendants.  I feel it’s important to make additional matching items such as earrings with detachable pendants to be used in a similar way as coordinated separates that are part of a matching set.  The matching detachable pendants and removable necklace strands and chains can be used interchangeably to “re-design” each piece of the matched set.  This feature enhances the versatility and re-usability of my jewelry art.