Marsha Foutz

A light-hearted approach is at the heart of Marsha Foutz’s unique chess sets.

Marsha’s interest in ceramics began during her art studies at Northern Arizona University in nearby Flagstaff. Her inability to “throw” a pot that weighed less than five pounds did not dampen her interest in working in the “mud.”  In 1984, she entered her first chess set in a local art show. Since then, Marsha has created a new and unique set each year.  Her work has been sold throughout the Southwest and has been collected by avid chess collectors. She is a founding member of Made In Clarkdale and uses the annual  December show as an inspiration to complete finished pieces each year.

If not found working in her ceramics studio, Marsha is busy teaching art at a local school, gardening, or river running. Her favorite part of the year comes in summer when she can load up her camper and head to the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico. Here she is free to sculpt her chess figures amongst the pine trees and mountain vistas.

When asked about the origin of her ironic sense of humor, Marsha explains that it must lie in surviving more than thirty years “in the trenches” teaching students. She still throws the occasional pot but finds much more enjoyment in the creation of these intriguing and humorous statements on our society.

More of Marsha’s work can be found at: