Luke Metz

The Annual Made in Clarkdale show is an exciting event and I feel privileged to have been able to participate in it now for many years.

Luke Metz at work in the studio

Luke Metz at work in the studio

Luke Metz spent the first 20 plus years of his life in New York City.  Its cultural opportunities and diversity offered exposure to art of many kinds that contributed to Luke’s growth as an artist.  Upon moving from New York, Luke made his home in numerous places across the United States, as he explored a variety of left-brain jobs.  After moving to Arizona, he “retired” and quickly re-invigorated his love for ceramics, pursuing it full-time ever since.  The switch to right-brain activities has been very exciting and satisfying for him.

The work of Luke Metz covers a wide gamut.  It includes raku, saggar, soda-fired, wood-fired, and gas-reduction-fired pieces.  He does functional ware such as mugs and bowls as well as decorative pieces.  Sizes range from a few inches to a few feet.  Whimsy and organic are qualities he seeks to bring to his work.  His display is naturally eclectic with each piece being both distinctive and expressive.

Luke loves working with his hands and is blessed with an insatiable curiosity that is always taking him on a journey of exploration and of melding ceramic techniques.  He brings attention to detail and inspiration to every piece he creates without attempting to produce pieces that are the same.  Luke considers each of his pieces as unique and a demonstration of his creative energy.  Over the 12 years, he has been creating ceramic art his work has continued to grow and evolve.   He loves sharing his inspiration in his creations.


Photos by Luke Metz