Claire Hart

Artist Statement:

A Northwest native who spends a lot of time looking at the ground and getting distracted by Lyken and tree bark. My work is influenced by the colors, textures, and shapes of Western North America’s natural landscape. The extreme detail in my work invites the viewer to get close and study the intricacies of my work in the same way that I become focused on the tiny natural details that influence my art. 

Artist Bio

Claire received her BA in Ceramic Arts from Gonzaga University in 2015, where she participated in several invitational shows and earned the Senior Arts Award. After college, she completed a two year internship with the Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts, collaborating with celebrated ceramicists and developing her own experimental style. She taught ceramics in Montana and Oregon for several years before relocating to Arizona to join Reitz Ranch Center for Ceramic Arts in 2021.