Ann Metlay

I am a ceramic sculptor. I draw my artistic inspiration from my home in the Verde Valley’s high Arizona desert. Inspired by this flora, fauna, and these skies, I interpret their lines, textures, and shapes into my unique, organic art.

Originally a third-generation Berkeley High graduate, I devoted over 40 years to finding unique strategies for the learning difficulties each of my individual students presented. As much as possible, I rejected canned programs designed to meet the needs of the generalized student, and through my own research and experience crafted individual programs for each student in my classroom.

I apply the same techniques to the art I create today. Seeing each separate hunk of clay as an entity looking for beauty, I search out unique ways to imbue them with their own shapes, textures, and lines. Each one forms a rather primitive, organic statement of the essence of beauty.

A lifetime poet, I am keenly attuned to the individual sounds of words, their consonance, and their assonance. I put my words together in ways to respect their individual sounds and rhythms, as they create lyrical meanings. My artistic expressions move clay into un-verbal poetry.

Bio: Born, raised and educated in Berkeley, I was one of the original “Flower Children.” I taught special education and reading for over 40 years. A lifelong poet and writer, I have been actively pursuing sculpture late in life. My art is in the Muse Gallery in Cottonwood. I am a member of Made in Clarkdale, as well as in SVAC.

My gallery features original abstract ceramic sculpture. My work is inspired by the Northern Arizona desert.  I never make the same thing twice! Tapping into my poetry, some of my art includes words and original poems, created for the piece. With very eclectic, organic works, you will never see another gallery displaying art like this!

I was educated in public schools in Berkeley, then California. then received a Master’s in Special Education from San Francisco State University.

Throughout my life, I crafted poetry and short stories. In retirement, I became the first member of Don Reitz Ceramic Ranch in Clarkdale, Arizona. I create ceramic sculpture there, working many hours a week on my art. She takes classes at the Ranch.

I have exhibited my art in the Camp Verde Library and in the Clark Memorial Library, both in the Verde Valley.

I created an exhibit, “To Restore their Dreams”, which travels as a sculptural expression to show the horrors of human trafficking.

I show my art at the Muse Gallery in Old Town Cottonwood.  I maintain my own studio and gallery on 6th Street in Cottonwood’s industrial zone.