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Education in Classrooms

Education in Classrooms

Over the years, the workshops expanded and began to fill the need to introduce schoolchildren to the arts. Schools throughout the valley were invited to participate. Through our workshops, students have explored drawing, interpretive dance, stained glass, solar photography, block printing, watercolor, ceramics, petroglyphs, gourd masks, and fused glass. An artist-guided tour through the gallery has been a constant feature.

By 1995, we added dance performances to the gala opening and APS generously took over the printing of our brochures. Though still printed in black and white, the quality of our main advertising tool was greatly improved. The artists’ photography skills were still not the greatest and several artists chose to draw illustrations instead. Perhaps out of a desire for being colorful, fabric and screen banners were created and hung over Main Street for the duration of the show. The best banners were designed by two of our original artists, Eleanor Mead and Pam Fullerton.

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