Rita Dunn

Rita_Dunn_1 My name is Rita Dunn. As a child and young adult, I loved to draw and use my imagination to create things from paper or cloth. I was fascinated with other people’s artistic creations and thoroughly enjoyed the few art classes I had. I hoped some day to have the time to really learn how to create art.


After a career as a high school English teacher in Alaska, Colorado, and Illinois, I finally had the time to devote to watercolor classes. I Rita_Dunn-2enjoyed several classes with Karen Leigh, a very talented watercolorist in Kalispell, Montana. Since coming to Arizona, I have participated in workshops, classes with some great artists and critique groups sponsored by the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society.


Landscapes, cityscapes, still life, flowers, and portraits all interest and challenge me. I love the flow of watercolor paints and trying to recreate and manipulate the colors and lines and shapes of the natural and man-made objects around me.