Naomi Martin

Naomi has been working in ceramics for about three years. She came to ceramics by way of oil painting, decoy duck painting, leatherwork and quilting, always enjoying creating with her hands. While taking a class in ceramics at Yavapai College she fell in love with clay, in particular porcelain clay, and works almost exclusively in porcelain now, enjoying its seductive smoothness and complexity.

She grew up in Detroit, MI, the youngest of five children but spent most of her years in Maryland close to D.C. only arriving in Cottonwood three years ago. For a while in Maryland she worked for the Boyd’s Bears creator and owner and her painted decoy ducks can be seen in large retail stores and small boutiques all along the east coast.

She is excited to meet the larger artist community of Clarkdale and to participate in and encourage the spreading of art throughout the area.