Teal Sullivan

Express…Individuality       Attract … Values       Reflect … Beliefs       Enhance… Experience

Wearable Art and Sculpture in Multi-Mediateal-at-mic-booth

Materials and Resources: Gemstones, Crystals, Metals and Wire, Organic Materials, Ancient Cultural Influences, Ancient Symbols, Symbolism, Spirituality, Belief Systems

Adding to her love of working with wood and fiber… as in Fiber Arts, spinning yarn and tales…, weaving, and felt, as in… woven material… Teal’s recent artistic evolution became ignited with an interest in rocks, minerals, gemstones and the lapidary arts, the skills of cutting and polishing stones. A love of wire ensued… landing on large gauge copper wire with gemstones for wearable expressions, and a mix media of never ending list of materials for sculptural expressions. The properties of copper caught her eye… the way it amplifies the energies of gemstones… and grounds us to meanings of symbolism. Just as words express meanings and their respective vibrational tones influence how they will be interpreted, symbols flood our minds with feelings, thoughts, memories, journeys to come, wisdom of the past, paths to the future. … “like rivers flowing through our lives”…

Teal believes everything is vibration. Knowing that we can accelerate our personal vibration with symbols and elements that reflect, amplify and raise our experience of life for the highest good of all, she strives to create art that inspires and connects with the Soul. Her art stems from the desire to offer symbolic wearable art and to create sculptures that inspire feelings and evoke meanings for the individual either by original design or created in a custom purpose order.

Enjoying the process of art in its many forms, Teal has collaborated on projects. The Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce Wine Barrel Project included a collaboration with Rita Elkins and personal expansion into ceramic embellishment led to K&K Designs with Karen Deal of Sedona, visual and ceramist.

Find images of Teal’s work at Free-SpiritVentures.com. Collaborative works with ceramist Karen Deal have been presented at Made In Clarkdale and other galleries, currently, can be seen at the Artist Market in Sedona, AZ.

Symbolic Multi Media Works



Teal has been Made In Clarkdale member artist, previous Board Member, Chairperson of MIC PR Committee.