Kay Melton

Watercolor Artist

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I set out to explore and experience a variety of different cultures. I began my painting career in 1984 in Key West, Florida. K_Melton_3
The relaxed and “anything goes” attitude was a perfect environment for my exploration of watercolor.  Feeling the need for a change of pace, in 1990 I moved to Los Angeles, where my first art show entry earned 3rd place honors.  My confidence emerged; both talent and spirit were freed.

Throughout this time period I availed myself of the many opportunities for art classes in these communities, experimenting with techniques and multiple styles as I developed my own expression of painting.  I felt free to play with techniques I learned from every source I could find; some weren’t necessarily “classic” watercolor techniques.  For me, my decision to move to Sedona in 1994 turned out to be one of the best learning and creative experiences in my life.  I immersed myself in painting and developed my new found confidence through frequent displays and marketing of my work, which resulted in not only growing skill but sales as well.

K_Melton_1IN 2001 an opportunity arose for relocation to the major art community of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  This beautiful city energetically supports local art galleries and events year round.  Art walks and gallery openings became a lifestyle while I continued to hone my personal style and skills.  The tropical locale surrounded me, influencing my work and developing my reputation as a watercolor artist, leading to my first one-woman show and many sales

My gypsy spirit was not yet done seeking new inspiration as in 2008 I left Mexico and moved to the Ozark Mountain town of Branson, Missouri.  I found myself amazed by the number of art shows, galleries, art events, and local guilds, which encouraged any and all artists to pursue their particular talent/medium actively and often.  I was happy to join in, and went on to consistently win awards and prizes along with attaining commissions from several clients.  During this time I was honored to be chosen to display my work in Watercolor USA, the third largest watercolor show in the United States, twice both in 2011 and 2013.K_Melton_2

I have come full circle this year, 2014, as I recently moved back to Arizona, and am residing in close proximity to the place I consider to be the original source of my real dedication to painting.  Painting is something I need to do every day, and the ideas can come from anywhere. I enjoy being open to any idea.

Becoming involved in the local arts community is my first priority at this point in my life, as I realize through the various communities I’ve resided in, and observing their active support of the arts, how important it is to do this.