Jane Henson

sunflower I am a sculptor, painter, pyrographer, photographer, doodler, nature lover, wife, gardener, cook, camper, birder, dog walker, star gazer, business owner and artist currently living in Arizona.  I think of myself as imaginative, funny, caring, sentimental, adaptive, love food and comfort, curvy, small circle of friends/family, loyal, romantic, recovering perfectionist and trying to live each day fully.
Serene Scenes Studio art has qualities of being engaging, cheerful, relaxed, peaceful, harmonious, restful, healing, hopeful, pleasing, modest and refreshing.  I run a one woman shop for visual and functional art.
Why I Do What I Do
 I used to be chained to a computer eight hours a day.  My cubicles didn’t have a window so I added decorative touches to make it feel more inviting and to provide a quiet distraction once in a while.  I chose artwork that would give me reason to pause, take a deep breath and smile.  Now I create what I believe are those pieces that I couldn’t find but had always wanted to surround myself with, both at work and at home.I hope you agreheading-to-the-big-gamee.raccoonsonholiday