Ellie Bauer

Ellie Bauer In Retrospect: A Life of Art

E_Bauer_1Ellie Bauer has been an artist all her life. As a child, the margins of her school books and papers were covered with doodles and E_Bauer_2drawings.

Ellie spends many hours in her studio creating and producing a wide variety of pieces in media ranging from paper and canvas to recycled copper computer motherboards and everything in between. Teaching and encouraging new artists of all ages is still a large part of her life.

Here is a glimpse of the events that brought her to this point in her life in Clarkdale, Arizona.

Born in New York to an immigrant family; her father was a carpenter, her mother a seamstress. Encouraged by her eight grade principal, Ellie became a student at the prestigious New York High School of Music and Art – her first show was a National Scholastic Art Exhibition in 1949.

Ellie attended the University of Denver School of Art and earned Bachelor of Fine Art under her mentor, Vance Kirkland, and went on to teach art and create a television art program in the Denver Public Schools. In 1968, she earned a Master in Fine Art from Ohio State University. She then returned to Denver to teach at the University of Denver.

While participating in many faculty art exhibitions from 1972 to 1975, Ellie, with fellow artist, Bev Rosen, produced a faculty show which in addition to the usual art works it included “Denver at Eight”, a living art piece featuring the two artists and their husbands at a very formal dinner party complete with waiters and a maitre de hors, but with no interaction with the audience. When they finished eating the four guests simple got up and left, leaving their dishes and leftovers on the table as part of the display for the remainder of the show.

E_Bauer_3In the 1974, she along with another faculty member led a group of 13 college students on a month long tour of the southwest to see southwestern art and artists and how it relates to life. It was the first art field trip at University of Denver.

After being invited to participate in Global Focus Art Exhibit in Beijing, China, where she was limited to only seven separate 5″x7″ pieces, Ellie started doing small unframed ink on canvas drawings because they were small and light enough to ship easily and cheaply. She has continued this practice during the years she observed and participated in Clarkdale and the Verde Valley’s political life.

Ellie’s list of art exhibitions include while in Colorado include I-25 Colorado Artists exhibits, benefit art auctions, Colorado Women Art at Regis College, The Huntington 180, 16th Annual National Prints and Drawings Exhibit at the Oklahoma Art Center, 13th Midwest Biennial Art Museum in Omaha, National Small Prints, Drawings and Paintings in Philadelphia, National Drawings and Small Sculpture at Ball State University, Appalachian National Drawing Exhibition, Rocky Mountain Painting and Sculpture, Aspen Foundation for the Arts Invitational, Attitudes Gallery in Denver. She also exhibited in 2-artist shows with her close friend and fellow artist, Bev Rosen.

In 1987, under the umbrella of the Clarkdale Chamber of Commerce, Ellie and fellow artist Nancy Dodd Thompson founded Made In Clarkdale. This annual celebration of art produced by artists who live or work in Clarkdale is now preparing for the 28th Annual Show in December 2014.

To fulfill her dream of a year round presence of local art, Ellie opened the e-Go Gallery (now Made In Clarkdale’s Corner Gallery) on Main Street in Clarkdale in 2011. In 2013 she turned the operation of the gallery over to a volunteer group of Made In Clarkdale artists and friends who continue to present the work of Clarkdale’s local artists and talented students.