Elizabeth Gerstner

Maid of Earth Studio of Original Art

Maid of Earth Studio features fine, one of a kind, artwork. My studio is located near the Verde River, from which I draw much of my inspiration. Life on Earth is in eternal transformation.

Creating art not only has been a constant and rhythmic change during my life but way of life. Between creation and going back into the earth, in my view, life is simply transformational.


Working with clay and found objects is all a part of that transformational process.   These materials used in one way or another comes from the earth and renewed into ART. The symbolism of my works is the regeneration of nature itself. I work spirals, insect wings and foliage imprints in my clay and glass. These are an artistic symbolic geometricization of renewed life and our connection with the earth and our old ways of ritual and culture.  My works go through many transformations such as mud, fire, sand, perishable herbal stains, smoke, air, grit and water.