Doug Hill

I am a self taught artist in watercolor, pastel and acrylic. I am also a professional photographer in weddings, portraits, models portfolios and nature. I started drawing as a child, and pursued art in high school, working in oil and acrylic. After graduation, I continued experimenting with acrylic, working on surrealistic paintings, but wasn’t seriously thinking about an art career. While living in Salem, Oregon I took college art courses to hone my drawing skills. My intention was to work in watercolor, and I worked in it for two years, winning awards and Best Landscape at the local county fair.

D_Hill_1My first commissioned picture was a watercolor for a friend. I later changed my medium to pastel, since I found it easier to control and a better fit with my drawing style. I won a Sweepstakes award for a portrait of a co-worker in pastel. My juried shows include Arts in Oregon, the Northwest Pastel Society in Washington State, where I won the Holbein award, the Oregon State Fair, where I took second place, the Judge’s Choice award at the Bush Barn Gallery Public Hanging in Salem, Oregon and first place/peoples choice award at the Keizer Iris Festival Art Show.

I am inspired by such artists as Monet, Degas, O’Keefe, Redoute and Bierstadt just to name a few. I love light and its definition of shape. My art instructor once said that there are no edges in nature only definition of shadow and light. I try to show the light in my paintings and want the viewer to feel the same energy I felt when I took the photograph. My main subjects are portraits and flowers, though I love the challenge of most anything.

My method of painting is to take a photograph and draw a grid on the print. I then transfer the grid to my paper or canvas to enlarge the picture . After transferring the image I draw with charcoal and then decide if an under wash of color in acrylic is needed. This is usually a complimentary color to the overall color of the painting so the pastels are enhanced.

Currently I am living in Clarkdale with my wife who has inspired me to feel the energy and paint from Spirit’s flow instead of relying on the photograph. I am available for commissioned work in painting or photography.