David Boles

D_Boles-Thumb Butte

David Boles has lived in the Verde Valley forty-three years, thirty-seven of those years right here in Clarkdale.  He is probably best known for his early trompe l’oeil “trick the eye” pastel drawings, the most famous of which appeared on the May, ’72 cover of Arizona Highways magazine.  As a result of the cover that year, David was chosen to create the gift from the state of Arizona for the Nixon innaugration. That work appeared inside the January ’73 issue of Arizona HighwaysSouthwest Art magazine featured him in the September, ’78 issue. The subject matter was primarily still-lifes and occasionally western-style depictions of cattle and scenes from Jerome.

Since the 70’s, David has dabbled with a tight impressionism oil painting style mostly of landscapes.  These days he’s trying some modern art, “just for fun,” he says, some of which are making their debut in this year’s Made In Clarkdale show.  Art just seemed to come naturally to David since early childhood, therefore art was one of the subjects he studied in high school and his four years at Northern Arizona University.  Having worked thirteen years in photo and digital labs, David became a consummate photographer. Now retired, David is planning to do more art work and is always experimenting with different styles.  He jokes that he could have a half-dozen aliases, one for each style.