Dave Rentz

d-rentz_1_dave_profile_with_artd_rents_3_dotted_recordDave Rentz is an artist, musician, percussionist, singer/songwriter aka the 3 D’s: Dot Dave, Deacon Dave, and Drummer Dave.  Dave has resided in the Sedona Verde Valley for 35 years, spreading his original art form of recycled and doted 2 and 3 dimensional art pieces, fun loving music and stories while inspiring others to do the same.

Dave is a specialist in multi-media, re-purposing and “dotting.”

Dave finds his peace and inspiration out camping spending several days and nights of as many weeks as he can living in nature with his best friend Tess. If  you have seen Dave perform you have likely met Tess, she’s about the size of a large coyote, has  a black and white spotted coat, and a friendly tail always ready to wag. On occasion Tess has been known to perform with Dave.

d_rentz_2_dotted_fiddleOf his work Dave notes “Living in the forest is the best thing I have ever found to do. It’s a place I can go to get away, get away so far off and yet so near.”

Dave Rentz can be found on YouTube in multiple combinations of music and musicians.  His art work is featured at West of the Moon gallery in Flagstaff  http://westofthemoongallery.com/Dave_Rentz.html.