Chris Crawford


Followinc-crawford_1_behind-the-lensg a 28 year long career in special education teaching, consultation, and administration in Pennsylvania and Alaska, Chris elected early retirement and moved to the Verde Valley in October 2013 to pursue a career in fine art photography.

She developed her photography skills as an amateur photographer for over 30 years.  Since moving to Arizona, Chris has refined her skills even further by taking photography workshops with some of the top photographers from Arizona Highway Magazine and an iPhonography class at the Sedona Arts Center (SAC).c_crawford_4_tour-b

Most of her photography focuses on nature with an emphasis on macro photos of wildflowers, birds, bugs, and butterflies. She describes herself as … “seeing all the details when most people see only the big picture”. Chris attempts to capture her unique perspective through her photography for the viewer. Her continued love of “rusty old stuff” and snow-capped red rocks are the subject of some of her most recent work. However, she has put a new spin on her “rusty old stuff” photographs by adding a fish-eye lens to her iPhone and exploring iPhonography. Chris is a member of the Sedona Arts Center (SAC).

c_crawford_2_internationalShe has exhibited at the 2014 & 2016 Big Gay Art Shows, the 2015 Juried Members Show at the SAC, and the Sedona Arts Center Summer Members Co-Op Exhibition & Sale. She had to “sit-out” the 2015 Big Gay Art Show due to the development of a cataract in the center of her left eye which rendered her unable to take photographs for almost 6 months. In March, 2016 Chris moved to Clarkdale and is honored and humbled to have been juried into Made in Clarkdale. This is the first time her photographs printed on metal are being shown in Clarkdale.