Barbara Pierce


 My name is Barbara Pierce. I have lived in Clarkdale for over 27 years.Barbara Pierce

I attended many Made in Clarkdale shows before I became a member of MIC.  The art intrigued me, but I could not think of any crafty thing I did that would qualify me as an “artist”.

I credit my mother for me having any artistic abilities.  Through her I learned to embroidery, sew, and decorate cakes as a child.  Throughout my education, the only art classes I had were making something with foil, yarn, noodles, or Tempera paint in elementary school.  As years went by, I dabbled in assembling silk flowers and ‘tube’ painting along with needlework and cakes.

Then, I was introduced to stamping.  I do not scrapbook, but truly enjoy making greeting cards.  About the same time, I started stringing stretchy bead bracelets.  That expanded into earrings and necklaces, which lead to wire work just as making cards lead to art glitter classes.

Wire-wrapping of stones and cabochons was much more interesting than just stringing beads, and the pendants that I make is what I showed to the Made in Clarkdale jury for acceptance into the show in 2004.   Jewelry and cards were my emphasis at the art shows until I felt the need to try something different.

I then became more interested in photography, which I incorporated into cards and framed/hanging pieces.  Then I ventured into torn paper art, starting with geometric designs on into floral and landscapes.  The paper art did not appeal to others as it did to me, so that told me to try something else.

I have watched Bob Ross on PBS for many years and find his work fascinating.  So, I have chosen to do landscape oil paintings.  I experience such a feeling of pleasure in this art and want to continue to learn and refine my skills.  There are so many pictures in my mind that I want to put on canvas.  I also want to learn more about the best use of different brushes and the palate knife.

As you can see, I am not an artist of one medium.  My business card says, “specializing in ‘one-of-a-kind’ creations”.  It is difficult for me to make 10, 25 or more of the same thing.  I like to create a card, piece of jewelry, cake, or picture once or twice and move on to a new idea.  Being juried into MIC is my biggest accomplishment in the art world. Besides Made in Clarkdale, I show my work at craft fairs and have pieces in several galleries and gift shops.